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World Volleyball Coaches Show

Unique volleyball conference with world-renowned coaches as speakers. The goal of the conference is to offer coaching stars´ knowledge and experience in training of youth volleyball players to volleyball coaches.


 World Volleyball Coaches Show 2019

World Volleyball Coaches Show took place in Ostrava (Czech Republic) on June 14 – 15.




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VolleyCountry is one of the most popular world volleyball sites offering many tips and advices to coaches through online volleyball courses. Our goal is to bring more people to play volleyball and help volleyball to become more popular sport.

The idea to organise volleyball conference World Volleyball Coaches Show has emerged in 2017. First edition of the coaches show took place in 2018. The venue for this amazing event for the global volleyball community was Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic. Three internationally renowned volleyball coaches spoke at the event.

World Volleyball Coaches Show 2020








World Volleyball Coaches Show 2019 Schedule

World Volleyball Coaches Show 2019 Schedule

World volleyball coaches show 2019 will offer the most recognized lectors. Coaching aces, namely, Massimo Barbolini, Marian Jelínek and Javier Weber will present their opinions and long-term experience, which will not only move you forward in the coaching but the...

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World volleyball coaches show 2019 will feature 3 stars

World volleyball coaches show 2019 will feature 3 stars

Second edition of World volleyball coaches show 2019 will offer absolutely the best not only from men´s volleyball but it will concentrate on women´s volleyball too. For the first time, we will offer coaching classes and mentoring. The unique conference with world...

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Our work, but I prefer to say our passion, is not only to find some solutions. It is pleasure to give to players solutions. Remember one thing, important thing. The game is for the player, it is not for the coach.


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Really good organisation

Organisation of the conference was really good. I ‘m very happy to be at the show. The knowledge from coaches will be very useful for me in my training sessions.

L. Motyka

Practical parts

I liked that we had more practical lessons then theoretic ones!

D. Habjan

Martin Poeder and Roberto Piazza

Martin’s fun games and Roberto’s set philosophy were really interesting.

L. Sasnal


I was impressed by energy of speakers, especially Mr Poeder.

D. Wolny

World volleyball

I was most interested in Martin Poeder’s exercises and innovatory views from world volleyball by Roberto Piazza.

K. Alfoldi


I can not pick up one thing. Overall, it was prepared at a high level. One word SUPER.

D. Kubatova


I liked exercises from Martin. Demonstration of setting, position of the hands above the forehead for the correct turning of the palms for the set from Roberto. And from all the speaker  emphasise the focus on details.

M. Piklova

Great volleyball conference

I was most interested in practical examples, but also various notes on children’s psychology and behavior and technical details of individual activities. I really enjoyed the fact that the speakers were able to explain how the exercises are done the right way, and that they were able to work with the youth volleyball players.. The show has helped me a lot in my training. We are now trying individual exercises from show so that we do not forget anything. Great, professional volleyball conference!

A. Buchtova

Everything was OK

I liked some new exercises related to condition motor development, physical condition examples VIP catering. Good simultaneous translation. Overall organisation of show.

J. Sujan


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